Apple Charlotte

The original 'Charlotte' is a dish of the 17th Century and is a British invention. The dish consisted of lining a ring mould with bread and filling with apples, with the dish being served hot. In all likelihood the dish was named after Queen Charlotte, wife of George II, as she was the patron of apple growers

Serves: 4 - 6



Sliced Bread
Honey. 3 Table Spoons - 45 ml
Ground Cinnamon. Half a teaspoon - 2.5 ml


1.  Core, peel, and cut the apples into chunky pieces
2.  Put the chopped apples into a saucepan
3.  Add the honey and the cinnamon. Add water to just cover the fruit
4.  Simmer gently. Just enough so the apple remain firm
5.  Taste. If not sweet enough for your taste add more honey
6.  Set aside to cool
7.  Cut the crusts rom off the sliced bread
8.  Using a pudding basin cut a circle of bread to go into the bottom of the pudding basin
9.  Using the pudding basin - overlapping four slices of bread - cut a circle to form the bottom  of the pudding
10. Butter the pudding basin
11. Brush melted butter on both sides of small circle of bread. Press gently into the bottom of the pudding basin  
12. Brush melted butter on both sides of the sliced bread. Cut each slice into two strips
13. Line the pudding basin with overlapping strips of bread
14. Spoon the cooked apples into the pudding basin. Then add the cooking liquid
15. Brush the pre-prepared circle of bread that will b the bottom of the pudding. Brush one side with melted butter. Then turn it over. Place on the top of the pudding basin.
16. Press down gently to seal. Brush with melted butter
17. Put into a preheated oven. Electric 200. Gas Mark 6. 400F
18  Cook for 30 minutes until the bottom of the pudding is golden brown
19. Turn out on to a serving dish
Apple Charlotte Method

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